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Trisha Articles

Blood Pressures

Blood Pressures The Kills (Domino/EMI) Rating: 3/5

The little band that could

Big things are happening for the Little Stevies, writes Jo Roberts.

Maggi cooks up major makeover

LIKE a lot of 40-somethings, the Maggi brand has had a good look in the mirror and decided it's out of date. This weekend, Maggi will start introducing new product lines, revamped packing and a $10 million marketing campaign to support the makeover.

Clarke's faults: young, good-looking, with a touch of celebrity

Misgivings over the new Test captain have nothing to do with his cricket.

Cash for driving kids to school

AN Upper Hunter mother who gets paid up to $6000 a year to drive her children to and from school said the government scheme was a waste of money and a rort.